Friday, June 19, 2009

Letting go!

Today truly felt like summer! The first day it topped 90 degrees, we spent playing at the pool, reading books in the hammock, eating homemade popsicles, having a picnic dinner, and ice cream in the front yard while catching fireflies. I have to remember that these days of unstructured FUN will not last forever. IN light of this thought I have felt more compelled lately to 'let go' and follow my children's lead when it comes to what our day will look like! Yesterday it lead to going to the library to get new books, packing a picnic lunch and going to our neighbors backyard trail in the woods to read books while having lunch. Better than my plan of going grocery shopping and getting a load of laundry done. (which ended up happening later in the day anyway) The name of the game in the summer I have decided is letting go and joining my children in their endless pursuit of fun! The more I listen to their ideas and follow their lead noo only am I having fun but I notice their cooperation and joy is expounded as well! Ask your child what they'd like to do today...then surprise them by doing it!

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