Thursday, September 10, 2009

Are You Addicted to Your Computer?

I recently took my daughter out for some special time and, as I often do, I asked her what do you wish mommy did differently?  Her response was I think you should just be on the computer at night when we are in bed and don;t answer the phone during the day, just get the messages at night too!  I do check caller ID and if the phone is out of reach and I'm snuggled into a good reading time in the hammock with the kids, it will go to VM.  I also make a point of only checking email during the kid's quiet time but occasionally my daughter will come in when I am still on it.  In any case, I am taking her advice seriously.  If it was important enough for her to mention, it is important for me to respond.  I now am ONLY checking email twice a day, after I run in the morning before anyone is up and at night after they are in bed and I am literally turning the whole computer OFF during the day.  I'm amazed at how much more time I feel I have in my day and my children, especially my daughter, is certain of her priority in my life!

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