Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tips for Reading Books with Your Child

1.Babies love hard bound books that have only one picture per page. Point to each picture as you name it, moving your finger from the left to right side of each word. Babies also love to hear rhyming words and alliteration as you read nursery rhymes.

2.Create your own picture books to read to your child.

3.Begin asking your child questions throughout the story, “Why do you think the black engine did not help the little blue engine?”

4.Ask your child to make a prediction of what will happen next in the story before turning the page to find out.

5.Talk about the story you read during the day, “Remember how the blue engine pulled the big train over the hill even though it was little? I think you can help me pull this big garbage can into the garage even though you are little.”


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