Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Halloween with Young Kids - It Can Get Ugly

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the leaves, the crisp air, pumpkin patches, picking apples...

And I especially love Halloween. I have vivid childhood memories of working with my mom (for what seemed like months) to create my costume. I remember the anticipation, the trick-or-treating with family and friends. I loved Halloween growing up.

And once we started having kids, I had visions of making their costumes and trick-or-treating through our neighborhood.  I thought it would be just as fun as I always remembered - even when my kids were really little.

But the reality is that Halloween and young kids don't always mix. They get tired. They have meltdowns. They don't necessarily want to wear the cute costumes I've made.

Two years ago, Alice was still a baby and already in bed when trick-or-treating rolled around. But I had high hopes for Miles. Perhaps they were too high - this is as far as we got:

His costume was never even zipped up. He asked to go to bed, and his wish was granted. I passed out candy at the door and enjoyed the other kids' costumes instead.

Last year, Miles did quite a bit better. But Alice did not. I made her the cutest kitty costume - complete with ears, a tail and a tulle skirt.

It took an entire bag of M&Ms just to get the skirt on her. So this was her costume - and we only made it to two houses for trick-or-treating before both kids were asking to go to bed.

This year, my expectations are much, much lower. And we'll see how the evening goes. I'm sure there will be tears and meltdowns - but hopefully there will be some fun too!

What has surprised you the most about Halloween with young kids? 

Anna Luther, mother of three

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