Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mom Feature: Meet Morgan

Meet Morgan

I'm a 20-something mother of two and just quit my office job to be a full time stay at home mom. When I'm not wrestling with my kids, you can find me rambling on my blog, MrsPriss.com or partaking in some sort of crafty shenanigans. I like to think those things keep me sane, but let's be real here. I'm just all sorts of nuts.

When do you feel like you're doing your best job as a mom?
I'd have to say I'm my best when I have a full night's rest. There's something about getting 4 hours of sleep that just turns me into crazy Hulk where I want to smash things and it's never pretty. Mamas need rest, even if it means giving up a few hours worth of DVR'd vampire shows... MUCH easier said than done (Helloooo Salvatore brothers).

You knew this one was coming... when do you feel like you're doing your worst job?
Hands down, when I'm around my mom. My kids always seem to act up when the grandparents are around, which is never fun because I want to be able to show my mom skills off and be all, "See? I'm good at this and am not losing my mind at all!" But yeah, that never happens. Whenever I'm stressed about my kids acting up, my mom manages to calm them down with a wave of her hand while I'm in the corner, rocking back and forth in the fetal position. She's so calm and sane! I want that someday.

What surprised you the most about motherhood?
How rewarding it is. I joke a lot about how much work being a mother can be, which is true, but there are just so many more cuddly, sweet moments that make up for the not so fun ones. And I swear, the first time my daughter told me she loved me ON HER OWN, I melted into a gooey puddle of happiness. There's absolutely nothing like it.

What is your go-to activity when you know a meltdown is coming?
A bubble bath and 'sleepy milk'... which is basically warm milk with a pinch of sugar, but my daughter thinks it's a magical potion that makes her tired. Works every time.

What have your children taught you?
That I can go all day with no makeup and messy hair and still be adored. That my life doesn't revolve around me... and I'm completely okay with it. That kid movies are actually pretty entertaining. And, pardon the copious amounts of cheese here, but sometimes the best way to solve a problem is with a big squishy hug.

What will you miss the most about these years with young children?
I'm going to miss all the time I get to spend with them. Staying home has been the best experience and I'm going to be quite sad when it ends.

You can follow Morgan and her family on her blog: MrsPriss.com

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