Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mom Feature: Meet Laura

Meet Laura

I’m a Christian, a wife, a mother to our beautiful daughter Lyla and very sassy yorkie Max. I love to write and started a blog called WholeGreenLove with a close friend of mine last year. We are passionate about wellness, cooking from scratch, trying fun DIY projects, and eco-friendly options/products. I enjoy spending my time in the kitchen, being active, and making our home as perfect as possible for my family.

What surprised you the most about motherhood?
I’m most surprised about how when I think I absolutely cannot love my baby girl any more, I do. I feel more and more love for Lyla with every day that passes. It’s so amazing! I’m also surprised about how incredibly protective I’ve become of our family time together. Finding alone time for me as a mom and wife is still important, but spending time with Lyla and Nic is absolutely top priority now. I get a little crazy when something gets in the way of that precious time!

What do you think prepared you the most for becoming a mom?
Ah! Nothing can prepare you like the real thing can! You leave the hospital thinking, “Wow, they are really letting us leave here to take care of this new little life all by ourselves? They’re crazy.” You really just figure it out, moment by moment. Reading all of the “right” books can only get you so far and people are totally right when they say to “follow your instincts”. It’s so true that you know your baby best and nothing can take the place of that feeling.

What is your "typical" day like these days?
I’m adjusting to being back at work after 12 wonderful weeks of maternity leave. While the time spent away from her is so hard, my husband’s paternity leave started when my leave ended, which has been awesome! I love that he is getting his bonding time with Lyla and developing his own routine with her. When I get home from work it’s time for talking, reading, and cuddling with Lyla. When she’s gone down to sleep for the night, it’s time for me to be with Nic, get a workout in, and catch up on our blog.

What are you looking forward to the most as your baby grows up?
It’s so amazing to me how much Lyla grows and changes each day. Being able to interact with her more and more is so exciting and feels so rewarding. I heard her laugh for the first time recently and it was the most beautiful sound in the world. I can’t wait see her develop into a little person with dreams, interests, and a personality all her own.

What will you miss the most about these baby years?
I will definitely miss the non-stop cuddle time the most. I love that Lyla genuinely needs me right now. When it feels like my To Do List is a mile long and the dust bunnies are invading our floors, I remind myself that I only have this limited amount of time when she will want to be held and kissed non-stop.

You can follow Laura at her blog: www.wholegreenlove.com 

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