Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Few Things I've Learned Since Becoming a Mom

It's funny how much my thoughts on motherhood have changed in the four years since I became one.

With my first child, I wanted everything done just so. I had Pottery Barn Perfect images in my head of the perfect nursery, the perfect baby clothes, stroller, life...

Image courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids.

I tracked every pee, poop, bottle and nap for weeks - maybe even months. I hovered when anyone else held my baby, and felt like a piece of me was missing when I was away from him.

And then something happened between baby number 1 and 2. And a lot happened between baby number 2 and 3.

Whether it was the lack of sleep or the lack of time or the utter lack of energy - I stopped trying so hard.

I realized that my kids continue to eat, pee and poop whether I track it or not. I figured out (very quickly) that Pottery Barn perfect doesn't exist - at least not in my house.

I realized that it's a lot easier - and a lot more fun - to let my kids get messy and make messes.

You may see a huge mess. My kids see a bustling recycling center that will take the work of many dump trucks to get sorted and recycled.

I can see how me hovering doesn't help them learn or become independent.

I found out that rainbow-colored playdoh is way more fun that trying to keep each color in its own separate container.

I realized how much fun it is to be a mom.

How have you changed since you've become a mom? What have you learned?

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  1. Sweet post; thanks! I've learned that PlayDoh is not as evil as I once believed. And we don't even have rainbow -- ours is gray.


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