Saturday, May 16, 2009

Just returned from Go Cincinnati, a city wide effort to reach beyond our own backyards and improve the landscapes and condition of organizations in our city. Over 6500 volunteers working hard for 4 hours creates a lot of improvements! The 'tie in' to parenting is that I brought my 4 year old son Ben and 5 year old daughter Paige to work with me last evening to prime the building that we painted today. For all of the words that I use in an attempt to cultivate attitudes of gratitude for all that we have...nothing compares to exposing children to environments that are more challenged. They may be only 4 and 5 but they used paint rollers, carried plants from the car to the grass, and swept off walkways while they were there. They were excited to serve and I have no doubt that without a word from me they left feeling grateful for the things that they have. The evening verified what I've always believed...when it comes to gratefulness, it's best 'learned' not through words, but through experiencing life through someone else's shoes!

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