Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Hi, Whether you have arrived at the Productive Parenting blog through the website or by another path, We're glad you're here! We hope that through this blog we can share some of our more personal thoughts and insights on parenting and hear yours as well!

I have a binder that I use to collect and organize interesting and inspiring articles and ideas for myself and my family. One article that continues to resonate with me was written several years ago and includes in the opening paragraph "The American Academy of Pediatrics says what children really need for healthy development is more good old fashioned playtime." In the midst of a culture that is constantly telling me that I need to be 'developing' my child's brain or teaching them intellectual principles at increasingly younger ages, I find solace in the advice from a well respected establishment to just let my children play!

I spent the day yesterday ankle deep in mud doing just that. I had no hidden agenda, no goals to reach. The conversation at breakfast went something like this...who wants to play in the mud today? Having developed the Productive Parenting website what I love is that most of the activities can be done 'on the spot.' One that came to mind as we were playing in the mud was to paint with mud. The children each made a bucket of mud to their liking, I got paintbrushes (the two year old took the option of using his hands) and they made beautiful mud paintings.

The name Productive Parenting can be misleading. It does not indicate that you need to always be engaged in an 'official' learning activity with your child. Rather, it equips parents with ample ideas for learning that can be incorporated into a child's playime as the child's curiosity leads. A very different approach to learning...on your child's terms!

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