Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Birthday Gift to Myself

It's funny how what I like about my birthday has gone through many transitions since I was the age of my children! I do believe I'm getting better at knowing what it is I truly desire and this past weekend for my Birthday, I got it! My husband and I went on an overnight bike trip on a bike trail about 50 miles north to a small town, stayed at a B&B and biked back the next day! For me, it had all the elements of a great weekend. Time away where I could think, ample time on the trail to talk leisurely with my best friend, exercise, and when we got home a fun 'welcome home' Birthday Party with my three children! No single 'item' could have fulfilled, encouraged and inspired me as much as this experience did! Next time your Birthday rolls around, give it some thought...it's your day! Spend it in a way that will fill you up!

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