Monday, July 20, 2009

Time to Pursue Passions

This past Sunday I did something I dont' do often. Set my alarm clock for 6am! My motivation to do such a crazy thing when sleep is so elusive these days...time to pursue one of my 'pre-children' passions! I stole away from the house when it was still silent and drove down to a beautiful park in Cincinnati where I spent several hours strolling at my own pace through the beautiful gardens there snapping off photos as I pleased. No one was asking me for anything. No one was dictating where I went. It felt like time stood still. I am amazed at how two hours spent alone can actually feel more like 5 or 6. (as I think about it with three kids some days 5-6 hours can feel like 2, funny how that works!) It was a beautiful thing not to multitask for a space in my day! I love my children, I love my family but ahhh, I still love spending time alone in nature...rejuvenates my soul and connects me to who I am beyond 'mom.' What is it for you? Even if it means waking up before the sun, that's nothing a nice cup of coffee can't cure for a day! And the rewards will last a lot longer than the sleepiness!

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