Friday, August 14, 2009

A Rite of Passage

School may be starting next week but it's not too late to get a lemonade stand in if you haven't already! I love that there are still certain 'rites of passage' in childhood that have not gone by the wayside in our high tech culture. The lesson of working hard to make money will never be outdated! My children mixed the lemonade, made the rice krispy treats and after it was over helped to clean it all up. Even after reimbursing me for the 'materials' a packet of lemonade and rice krispies...they had $12 and change to spend as they pleased. It's several weeks later and they are still saving it and deciding on their expenditure. Looks like my spending (or saving as it may be) habits are rubbing off! A multitude of great lessons can be learned from this simple project. They're already talking about selling cider and apples this fall!

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