Monday, August 17, 2009

Sharing Interests

It's an exciting day when you feel you can share your own interests with your children. My husband and I took our older two children to a Cincinnati Reds game a few nights ago and we genuinely had a great time! Keys to making it through a full 9 innings: A stocked bag of snacks and drinks, each child could bring a favorite animal or doll along, a great kids playground area midway through the game, and several rounds of fireworks for home runs and at the end for a Reds victory! It's exciting to feel as though we are 'rounding a base' as a family to engaging in activities that we ALL enjoy! Sporting events, bike rides, hiking, kayaking. Spending time with the kids is beginning to feel less like a sacrifice and more like a mutually refreshing time for us all! As your children become more interested, bring them into your world. I enjoy photography and recently gave my daughter an old digital camera so that she can take pictures with me when we go to the park. It's a great way to continue feeding my own passions while at the same time spending quality time deepening the relationship with my daughter. On the flip side, I try to stretch myself to partake in her world which right now is playing pretend. I'll admit it doesn't come easy but she appreciates the effort!

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