Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Talent Show

Tonight around 6:00pm we decided to have a family talent show.  We made brownies for the show, had an early dinner and as soon as 'Dad' got home from work we escorted him to a lawn chair in the front yard and proceeded with the show.  It was nothing more than making a grand announcement for each child, and parent, as we each 'took to the stage.'  The talents we as follows...Paige dancing and gymnastics moves, Ben riding his bike and running 'faster than a car' accross the front yard, Curtis dancing, 'Dad' juggling a soccer ball, and myself doing a few yoga poses I've recently learned.  Everyone was rewarded with a browniew and high fives from the rest of the family.  All told it took about 20 minutes but the memories will last much longer!  It proved to be an effective way to affirm talents we each have and gave us each a stage to 'showcase' them!  Sorry, no pictures, I was caught up in the moment which was more fun!

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