Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Time tricks

I've never been so aware of the passing of time as I have been since having children. As I was watching them brush their teeth last night before bed I felt as if the day had just started and yet it was drawing to a close. Sometimes the days seem to go by so slowly and then other times as I watch my children sleeping, I am astounded at how far their feet reach down the bed...when did they go from taking up a 1/4 of the bed to 1/2 of it?! And on days like today how is it that during the time they are awake 1 hour feels like 2 and when they have quiet time 1 hour feels like 1 minute? It's a funny thing how time does tricks during this time of life with little ones. I'm trying to savor every minute (hard as that is at times!) so that when I look back someday I will say I didn't miss it!

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