Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Organize Yourself

A major reason why I sometimes feel overwhelmed as a mother of three little ones is when I am not organized.  When I do not have a plan or an approach to my day.  I am not advocating a strict by the minute schedule by any means but rather having a flexible plan of how the week will play out.  For me this involves looking at the calander with my husband on Sunday nights and just running through the week.  That at least gets us on the same page and gives us an opportunity to make sure our priorities are in place.  Are we having a few meals together, do we each have some outlets for ourselves, what are the logistics we need to work out, etc.  This keeps us from 'surprising' one another with an event the other didn't know about and is a great opportunity to talk about any areas we need to address with the kids and/or one another.  This is a busy phase of life, if you don't make time to talk and get on the same page I find it rarely just 'happens.'  Understanding one another's needs during this time is paramount!  Try a Sunday night weekly overview if you don't do something similar already, it may just make a world of difference 

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