Thursday, September 3, 2009

What do I do with all the STUFF?

Do you ever feel like your children's things (toys, papers, crafts, etc) seem to multiply overnight?  I do and this is what I've done to control the accumulation.
1.  Each child has a drawer in the kitchen with their name and picture on it.  Throughout the week they put all of their 'creations' in the drawer.  Once a month or so I go through the drawer and pick out the most special pieces which are placed in a bin that I have for each child.  If I ma not sure my child wants to keep something or not I ask them.
2.. Once every 6 months we go through their toys and make a bag of toys to give away.  We take them together to a place that distributes used items to children who need them and I tell the children how much their generosity means to another child.  We do this with clothes once a year as well.
 3.  In their rooms they clean up once a day and every few months we will have a major clean out when we even rearrange their furniature, which is always a big hit for some reason! 

What are your tactics?

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