Friday, September 16, 2011

Letter to my children regarding their education

Dear Paige, Ben and Curtis,

I want to share my committment to you as we enter a new chapter of our lives together: your school years.  Life is funny in that just when you feel you've learned and become proficient in one area, a new one opens up to, once again, apply yourself to new learning and growth.  This is not meant to frustrate us but rather to excite and inspire us.  I experience this daily as your mom and I know that it is your experience as well as you have leanred through these early years to speak, crawl, walk and engage in the world around you.  Learning is a lifelong pursuit and I want you to know that I am learning everyday right alongside of you.

This year as you enter second grade, first grade and kindergarten I want you to know that you are not alone but, rather, part of a team.  The team is comprised of you, your dad, myself and your teachers.  We each have unique and important roles to play as we work together to discover and develop the unique talents you have each been blessed with.

Your teachers will introduce new concepts and skills through the classes you take.  They are responsible for teaching you the these concepts and skills in an environment that fosters excitement for learning.  It is our responsibility as parents to work in partnership with your teachers to help you to understand the concepts you are learning in school by working with you at home.  We will look at your binders each day to see what you are learning and practice these new skills at home.  I look forward to applying your new skills to our everyday lives: like using reading and math to follow recipes, purchase groceries, read road signs and many other ways.  Some things will be more challenging than others to learn.  I had a hard time with math as a kid.  This is o.k.  If you are having trouble with anything related to school you can always talk to me or dad about it.  It is your responsibility to work to the best of your ability in school.  Just like people go to work everyday, you now get to go to work too.  Your 'job' is to learn from your teachers and parents as we work as a team.

Each of you have unique gifts built into yourselves.  I am so excited, to be a part of your team as we discover and develop them.  It will be an adventure to see how you will be lead to use your unique gifts and talents as you grow older.    

Love, Mom 

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