Monday, September 19, 2011

Sensory Play: A Messy Way To Learn

By Sheila Butler

This has been an exceptionally hot summer in North Texas. With 100+ temperatures on
most days, finding activities for the little ones has been challenging.

We take every opportunity to be outdoors. So this week we headed out early one
morning to get some fresh air and sensory play.

I set up four stations and grabbed some toy cars, foam alphabet letters, cups and spoons.
The boys could hardly contain themselves while I was getting prepared, and it didnʼt take
long for them to jump right in and start playing.

As you'll see in the video, they had a great time. From squeezing to pouring,
splashing to dipping, and rubbing to tossing -- it was a great sensory experience. Best
of all, it was messy!

Clean up was not a problem, as we simply hosed everything off. We ended our morning
by playing in the water and pretending it was raining -- something we havenʼt seen
much of in Texas this summer.

I appreciate every opportunity to introduce my little giants to new and fun things.
Although we have done similar sensory things in the past, this was our first time to do
this outside. This was great because it allowed the boys to get a little messier, which I
feel enhanced their learning experience.

I would chalk this up to a great day of fun, love and learning. I cannot say enough good
things about sensory play and didnʼt realize the true importance of it until working
through some issues with my youngest. I try to incorporate sensory stimulation into his
daily routine, but days like this are truly special.

I must admit that the prep work and clean up often take more time than the activities
themselves, but itʼs well worth it when I see their excitement and the learning that takes

Shelia is a mommy of two, and the "Chief Keeper Upper" at Me Giant. After spending seven years successfully co-owning and running Aidan Gary Home, Inc., a wholesale decor and furniture business, Butler made the decision to change paths and focus on childrenʼs design and decor. This decision was not surprising as through the gift of adoption, her home welcomed  two little giants within an 11 month period. Talk about a change of lifestyle! You can keep up with Sheila and her "little giants" on her Me Giant blog.

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